Google Search Advertising

Google Ads

Google Search Advertising

Your offering needs to be communicated where your prospects are already engaging and seeking information. The purpose of advertising is to drive traffic to the website, landing page, or lead capture tool where the user can explore the opportunity in more detail.

Google Search Ads appear in Google Search results, where 92% of the world searches for information online. These campaigns are targeted to your consumer profile in order to increase opportunity awareness and traffic generation to your website.

Google Search Advertising

Drive Traffic and Achieve Your Business Goals with Google Search Advertising

Single Campaign Management

$ 250 /mo
  • The recommended advertising budget for a single campaign is at least $250
  • Building and Management of 1 Google Search Campaign
  • Up to 3 Ad Variations to Promote Your Services
  • Location Targeting Specific to Your Clients
  • Focused keyword research to ensure proper targeting
  • Monthly ad revisions to ensure constant improvement
  • Monthly dashboard to review performance

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We offer location targeting specific to your clients, focused keyword research to ensure proper targeting, monthly ad revisions to ensure constant improvement, and a monthly advertising dashboard to review performance. Additionally, we offer up to 3 ad variations per campaign and a detailed monthly report from Google.
StartUp51 will build and manage your Google Search Campaign from scratch. This includes keyword research, ad creation, location targeting specific to your clients, and ongoing campaign optimization.
We recommend a minimum budget of $250 for a single campaign. This ensures that you have an adequate budget to effectively promote your services and achieve your advertising goals.

Creating three variations would allow us to test different messaging, optimize for the best-performing ads, and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

We can help you with that too! Please note that each additional campaign above the first one will cost another $250 per month in management fees for the second and third campaigns and $200 for the fourth and fifth campaigns.

Yes, location targeting is specific to your clients. It would ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience in the locations where your services are most relevant.

The keyword research will be focused on ensuring proper targeting, as that is a key component of your Google Search Ad planning. StartUp51 will conduct focused keyword research to identify your campaign’s most relevant and effective keywords. This helps ensure that your ads are displayed to users actively searching for your services.

Your ads will be revised monthly to ensure constant improvement. We provide monthly ad revisions to ensure constant improvement and optimization of your campaign. This includes analyzing performance data, refining ad copy, and adjusting targeting strategies.

Absolutely! We provide a monthly advertising dashboard where you can review the performance of your campaign. This allows you to track key metrics, monitor progress, and gain insights into the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

You will have access to a monthly advertising dashboard to review the campaign performance.

With StartUp51, your campaign will be completed and running within one week after you complete our onboarding form. We understand the importance of a timely launch and strive to get your ads up and running as quickly as possible.